About ViewSonic


ViewSonic is a worldwide leader in visual display products for today's business, consumer electronics, education and professional markets. The company offers a complete line of innovative LCD and CRT desktop displays, digital televisions, projectors and visual devices that are all designed to make the customer's visual experience easier and more enjoyable. ViewSonic remains a leading monitor brand in the United States and has won more than 2,000 awards from independent global publications and organizations. The company's annual sales have risen from $4 million in 1987 to more than $1 billion in 2005.

Visual Revolution

Today, ViewSonic is leading what it calls the visual revolution, where the display-whether it is on the desk, on the wall or in your hands-becomes the focal point for accessing and controlling both information and entertainment. As a worldwide Visual Technologies™ leader, ViewSonic is well positioned to help lead this transformation from a "PC-centric" to a "Display-centric" world.

* Leading stand-alone, branded monitor by sales (CRT and LCDs combined; iSuppli/Stanford Resources MonitrakR and Flat Panel MonitrakR, 2002).

Market Philosophy

ViewSonic is committed to meeting and exceeding its customers' expectations in quality, value and innovation. In addition, ViewSonic's ability and dedication to deliver products to the market ahead of its competition remains a primary focus of the company. Unlike some of its primary competitors, ViewSonic is exclusively devoted to the visual technology business, which enables the company to better focus its resources. ViewSonic also makes maintaining strong, trust-based partnerships with its business partners a top priority.

The ViewSonic Birds

In creating a logo for ViewSonic, president, CEO and founder James Chu sought to develop a powerful brand image that would denote superior quality and value and communicate such attributes as brilliant color and sharp resolution. Chu began searching for a logo or symbol that would achieve these objectives while projecting friendliness and comfort. What he found was the Gouldian, or Rainbow, Finch. The three Gouldian Finches that form the ViewSonic logo have become a well-recognized symbol of excellence. ViewSonic strives to ensure that consumers around the world associate them with the attributes that characterize the company: superior quality; beautiful, vibrant colors; warmth and friendliness.

These birds have become a symbol of ViewSonic and we have a special affinity for them. We have become sponsors of Lady's adopt a bird program.

ViewSonic as Technology Provider

A large part of ViewSonic's success stems from an innovative production approach that enables the company to design, produce and distribute its products faster and more cost effectively than competitors. Rather than adopting traditional, slower processes, ViewSonic has developed a business model that allows the company to quickly match advanced technologies from research laboratories around the world to market demands. That model has resulted in a series of technology innovations from ViewSonic, including SuperClearMVA, PerfectFlat®, the groundbreaking Tablet PCs, Wireless Monitors and the latest LCOS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon) reflective, large screen HDTV display. In 2010, we passed SA8000 Audit for Social Responsibility and ensure the labor standard satisfaction with our employees.